Glenbrook School

At Glenbrook we believe in developing the whole child. We have good standards of achievement in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and also provide a wide range of experiences across the curriculum learning areas to support and motivate students learning potential.
Our school enjoys building confidence and self-esteem in our students and we utilize the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) initiative to support good social and behavioural interactions at all levels of the school. We develop the key competencies through in a number of ways, including the ‘Habits of Mind’ concepts.

Essentially we believe that our fundamental responsibility as a learning community is to develop well connected students, who are proud of their school, their connections to our rural life style and values. We also work towards preparing students for their future in the world.
Our vision statement encapsulates this, ‘Realising Potential!’ (continue reading our school charter)

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