Reading Together


Reading Together Programme


o   To show parents additional ways in which they can help their children become better readers.

o   Children to gain a better understanding and enjoyment from reading.


Programme Structure

Workshop 1: How to help with reading at home

  1. Introduction – an overview of Reading Together.
  2. Your child as a reading – sharing your ideas and experiences.
  3. Ways of helping your child with reading – explanation, demonstration and discussion.
  4. Finding time to help at home.
  5. Using libraries.


Workshop 2: How to check the difficulty level of reading materials

  1. Sharing experiences.
  2. Find and using the right material with your child.
  3. Helping your child to read suitable material.


Workshop 3: How to help children overcome problems in their reading

  1. Sharing experiences (including books enjoyed at home).
  2. Ideas about how we read and what helps us to read.
  3. More ways of helping children, especially when they cannot recognise a word.
  4. Trying these ideas and a group.


Workshop 4: Sharing ideas about reading, giving feedback and looking ahead

  1. Sharing progress and experiences.
  2. Others ideas about learning to read.
  3. Giving feedback about Reading Together.
  4. Ways of keeping up the support at home.
  5. Looking ahead to other possibilities.


Feedback 2016

  • “Understanding the process of the children’s learning to read has really helped me to be more patient with my daughter.”
  • Before the workshop it was a real struggle to read together now we have made it into an enjoyable experience each day.”
  • “It was a really great programme.”
  • “Session 3 had a lot of ‘lightbulb’ moments for me- really helped me appreciate what the kids see when they try to read.”
  • “It’s been great being able to talk in the same language and use same approaches as used in school.”
  • “Reinforced the importance of reading.”
  • “Great programme!”
  • “Valuable programme where it’s just good to hear that there are other parents in the same boat with children struggling with reading- makes you feel not so alone.”
  • “Through the programme I found out about a few apps that have been great for the kids.”
  • “I wish these skills taught were available when teaching my first to read rather than the last. Would have made the process a lot easier over the years.”
  • “I should have done the workshop sooner.”
  • “Really helped in order to know the journey as children progress with their reading/learning.”
  • “This course is great for new parents learning to deal with school and homework.”
  • “As a family we are reading more at bedtime to encourage reading.”