Parent Portal

At Glenbrook School we use our Parent Portal to communicate, share whole school and class information and to share your child’s assessment and learning progress.

Once your child has enrolled at school you will need to activate your parent portal access. This is done by emailing the school with your email.

Once you have been sent a username and password, you will need to:

Use the web-browser to go to:

This will bring up a logon panel.

In the top box enter the logon number you used previously.

In the lower box enter your previous password.

Click Agree


Parent Portal Instructions

  1. It is essential that all parents / caregivers have access to our Parent Portal, All important information / urgent notices and student assessments etc are sent via this platform so it is IMPORTANT that all families have this on their phones.
  2. Please contact Mrs Olson or Mrs Goodall at the Glenbrook School office to send you your Parent portal login/password information. or
  3. Once you have received your portal login details proceed as below

a) using your web browser on your cellphone go to
b) login using the username and password sent from Mrs Olson or Mrs Goodall
c) Once logged in choose to add app to your home screen
d) Go to settings and if you choose this is where you can change your password (if you do change your password log out and log back in to activate) Also under settings select the notification options you would like (email or text or both) – Please ensure a notification is selected to ensure you are up to date with any urgent messaging. e) Your App should now be set up and accessible from your cellphone home screen or you can continue to use your web browser