School Charter

Glenbrook School has a long and proud history of serving families in the Franklin District, a history where the former school motto of “faith and work” resonated in our families and community, forming the backbone of our school heritage. Glenbrook School is bound strongly to our rural community and we are very passionate about our school. Our students are friendly, aspirational and engaged. They love coming to school and they love learning.  At Glenbrook School we develop the whole child.  We aim for excellence in English, Mathematics and Science.  We provide a range of opportunities and experiences for all our students across all curriculum areas- including in sport, outdoor education, culture, community events and the Arts. The curriculum is balanced through our Glenbrook Model of Inquiry. Senior students are able to discover pathways within our Careers Education programme whilst our younger students explore the importance of play within learning. High expectations are held for every child and we love to celebrate success. We use the Habits of Mind to describe our thinking and learning. We are respectful and show this through our respect for others, learning, environment and self (ROLES). Glenbrook School is an inclusive school where the well being of all is key, and contributes towards our aspirations.


Vision “Realising Potential” At Glenbrook School we want everyone to be able to realise their own potential. This means providing the environment and opportunity where all our students can achieve to the best of their potential. This includes Maori being able to achieve as Maori, gifted and talented and students with special need. Our vision of Realising Potential was first developed in 2012. After extensive consultation with our community in 2015 it was identified that Realising Potential still encapsulates our vision for Glenbrook School.


The Glenbrook School Korowai of Learning brings together our Vision, Values and Qualities of Learning where our vision for the future and our history are threaded together. The framework of the Korowai has been represented in a graphic way, using elements that are familiar to our community. It tells our story. By representing who we are as a school in this korowai, we are ensuring that our Charter is a living and breathing document that reflects who we are as a community and forms a strong base for our school curriculum. At Glenbrook School, we continue to make connections from our past, while preparing in our present and for our future selves.