Policy & Procedure

Glenbrook School regularly reviews and refines its school policies and procedures. All our policies are held with Glenbrook.schooldocs.co.nz If you would like a copy of our school policy, please do not hesitate to contact the Principal, Ms Lysandra Stuart stuartl@glenbrook.school.nz

We currently has policies for the following areas:


Treaty of Waitangi

Governance and Management

Ø Board Responsibility

Ø Governance Documents

Ø Principal Responsibility

Curriculum and Student Achievement

Ø Student Achievement Information

Ø Feedback and Feedforward to Students

Ø Home Learning

Ø Inclusive Education

Ø Learning Support

o Recognition of Cultural Diversity

o Improving Educational Outcomes for Maori Students

Ø Health Education

Ø Nutrition

Ø Career Guidance

Ø Education Outside the Classroom

o Communicating with Parents

o Parental Consent

o Organising an EOTC activity

o Ministry EOTC Activity Types and organisation

o EOTC forms

o EOTC Risk Management

o EOTC Supervision

o EOTC Incidents

o EOTC First Aid/Medicines

o EOTC Parent Help

o EOTC Transport

Documentation and Self Review Policy

Ø Managing Policy and Procedures

Ø Review Instructions

Ø Review Schedule

Ø School Planning and Reporting

o Strategic Plan

o Recognising Student Achievement

o Reporting to Parents on Students’ Progress

o Compliance with New Zealand Legislation

Employer Responsibility Policy

Ø Appointment Procedure

o Equal Employment Opportunities

Ø Complaints

o Guidelines for Informal Complaints

o Formal Complaints

o Investigate Formal Complaints

Ø Performance Management

o Staff Conduct

Ø Appraisal Process

Ø Protected Disclosure

o Making a Protected Disclosure

o Disclosure to an appropriate authority

o Manage a Protected Disclosure

Ø Provisionally Certificated Teachers (PCTs)

Ø Staff Leave

Ø Student Teachers

Ø Teacher Certification and Police Vetting

o Vetting Requirements for Teachers

o Vetting Requirements for Non Teachers

Finance and Property Management Policy

Ø School Donations and Fundraising

Ø Financial Control and Expenditure

Ø Asset Management

Ø Property

Ø Resources and Teaching Materials

Ø Theft and Fraud Prevention

Health and Safety and Welfare Policy

Ø The Health and Safety at Work Act

o Primary Duty of Care

o Due Diligence

Ø Worker Engagement, Participation and Representation

Ø Health and Safety Induction

Ø Safety Management System

Ø Managing Accidents and Illness

Ø Managing Serious Injury

Ø Dealing with Blood and Other Body Fluids

Ø First Aid

Ø Medicines

Ø Illness

Ø Infectious Diseases

Ø Chronic Communicable Conditions

Ø Health Conditions

Ø Alcohol Drugs and Other Harmful Substances

Ø Alcohol and School Property

Ø Animal Ethics

Ø Chain of Custody

Ø No Dogs on School Grounds

Ø Digital Technology and Cyber Safety

Ø Bring Your Own Device

Ø Responding to Digital Incidents

Ø Emergency Planning and Procedures

o Earthquakes

o Fire

o Extreme Weather

o Bomb Threat

Ø Emergency Evacuation

Ø Reverse Evacuation/Lockdown

Ø Emergency Kit

Ø Disaster Management Plan

Ø Crisis Management

Ø School Closure

Ø Civil Defense Emergency Management

Ø Harassment

Ø Risk Management

Ø Pandemic Management

Ø Infection Control

Ø Plant and Machinery Safety

Ø Storage and Use of Hazardous Substances

Ø School Bus Transport

Ø School Swimming Pool

Ø Separated Parents Day to Day Care and Guardianship

Ø Smoke Free Schools

Ø Staff Social Media

Ø Student Safety and Welfare

Ø Behaviour Management

Ø Stand-downs, Suspensions and Exclusion Policies

Ø Sexual Behaviour in Children

Ø Surrender and Retention of Property and Searches

Ø Preventing and Responding to Suicide

Ø Playground Supervision

Ø Before and After School Supervision

Ø Missing Student Protocol

Ø Abuse Recognition and Reporting

Ø Sun Protection

Ø Visitors

Legislation and Administration Policy

Ø Communication

Ø Student Attendance

Ø Sending Students Home Early Release

Ø Enrolment

Ø Out of School Care

Ø Privacy

Ø Records Retention

Ø Creative Commons

o Copyright

Ø Uniform