Special Guests from NZPost

Te Ra had special guests from NZ Post visit us yesterday. They were Max and Diane Hinton from RD1 Waiuku Postal Service. We have been learning about Communication and have been interested in how a letter gets from one person to another. Max and Diane answered lots of questions for us and we watched a short video on youtube called ‘A Journey of a Letter’. They brought along some activities, a colouring competition, jelly beans and pens for us. We will judge the colouring competition and they will come back to hand… Read More


Te Ra have been learning how to do a Statistical Investigation this week. Our first investigation was to find out the most popular colour car that passes Glenbrook School. We recorded our data on a Tally Chart and have used the data to make a Pictograph. We have tied this into our Communication Inquiry as some students asked teachers and students what their preferred way of Communicating is and recorded that in a Tally Chart. Our next step is to share the data, complete a pictograph and answer questions about the data.

Athletics Day 2015

Te Ra and the Junior Syndicate had a blast at the Athletics Days last week. We completed our running and obstacle races on Wednesday with the rest of the school. On Friday we were lucky enough to use the entire top field for our fun field events. We were working as a team and developing our personal skills. There was lots of positive cheering for team mates. Check out some of the photos from the day below. There are also other photos on the Glenbrook School Facebook Page.

Music Performance at Junior Syndicate Assembly

Te Ra has worked really hard in Term 3 with Music. Mrs McCulloch came in to help us on a Friday afternoon. We made up a musical piece to a poem as well as making up a song together. We learnt about what an ostinati is and you will hear this when we say “large feet”. We put the poem, music and song together to create the final piece we performed in front of the Junior Syndicate at Assembly.

Hockey Skills Sessions

Glenbrook School has had Mike from Counties Manukau Hockey come in and teach us some Hockey Skills. We have had two sessions so far and have two more this week. We have learnt how to hold a Hockey Stick correctly, what side of the stick to hit the ball with and learning how to dribble the ball. Here are some photos from the first two sessions.

Volcano Experiment

We have been investigating Natural Disasters this term. On Friday Te Ra did an experiment using baking soda, vinegar, food colouring and dish washing liquid. We looked at what it looked like with and without food colouring and with and without dish washing liquid. Check out the photos to see what happened.

Ronald McDonald Show

The Junior Syndicate had a special visitor on Tuesday 8th September…Ronald McDonald! He came to talk to us about Road Safety and all the different ways we can be safe and what to look out for.

Woohoo for sunny days!

Miss Buchanan snapped some photos of the Juniors at Morning Tea today. We were enjoying the sun in the sandpit. Lots of fantastic imagination and creating going on.

Maths – Problem Solving

Te Ra has been working hard on a Friday with Problem Solving Maths. Here we are trying out different ways to work out a problem. The problem was: A tripod has 3 legs, if there are 18 legs how many tripods are there?

Pie Day 20th August.

Te Ra loves Pie Day. It was especially good on a wet, rainy lunchtime. Yum!