Gingerbread Men Baking

Te Ra have been learning about fairy tales and writing our own. One of the fairy tales we have been talking about is The Gingerbread Man, so we decided it would be fun to make some – and hope they don’t run away! We got to make two batches so were split into two groups. We each got an instruction card and had turns at doing different things. Check out the photos to see the steps we had to take to make our delicious gingerbread men and women.

Steel Mill Fire Service Fun Day

The Steel Mill Fire Service came to visit us and set up some fun activities that we could do. Here are some photos from the day. Can you spot someone you know? This is what we had to do: 1. Put on the firefighter uniform 2. Pick up the hose 3. Run around the fire extinguishers 4. Put the hose down and smash the weight using the heavy hammer 5. Run to the hose and squirt the water at the target 6. Run back to the start and take off the uniform. PHEW!… Read More

Life Education Truck

We had a blast at the Life Education Truck learning all about our bodies. We loved Harold and thought he was quite funny! The truck was super cool with lights that could change colours and a big screen that helped us to learn by looking at a body. We learnt about our respiration, digestion and circulation systems.