Broken buddies…

Oh dear, Te Ra has had a rough year for broken bones – 4 people in casts so far! We have so much energy and seem to be falling off things, landing the wrong way. Here are two of our friends that have had broken bones this term – Max and Tom. Max has recently had his cast removed – he can write again. Woohoo! Nothing stops them from having a big smile on their dials though 🙂

Matariki Lunch

On Friday 7th August the Junior Syndicate celebrated the end of our Matariki topic with a shared lunch. Te Ra made fruit kebabs (with a sneaky marshmallow treat). There was also sandwiches, popcorn and homemade cookies. It was all delicious. We had great fun making the kebabs and worked really well together. Each class shared some of the work they had done over the weeks, some of Te Ra shared our Mihi. See the photos and videos below.

All Blacks Mufti Day

On Thursday 6th August Glenbrook School dressed up in our All Black gear and performed a Mass Haka. We entered a competition in the hope the All Blacks will see it, realise how awesome we are and visit us! Here is Te Ra dressed up and the video we have entered into the competition.

Soccer Suprise – 4th August

Today we were lucky enough to have people from the Football NZ School Soccer Programme lead us in a demonstration. We had a 30 minute session where we practiced dribbling skills and had a quick game of soccer in the blow up fields. It was heaps of fun! They will be coming back in 2 weeks to take classes for 6 weeks on a Thursday at lunch – please see the notice your child has in their book bag.

P.E – Netball Skills

In P.E this term we are learning different netball skills. We have started by throwing and catching a ball and making sure we are throwing chest passes. Secondly we have been ‘shadowing’ each other, trying not to let out buddy get in front of us like we would if we were defending in a real game of Netball. We have made improvements already in only two sessions.

Music with Mrs McCulloch

Te Ra is very lucky to have Isobel’s Mum come in on a Friday afternoon to teach us Music. We love having a play with the instruments and making lots of noise. Our magic word is ‘antelope’ where we have to put our instruments down and hands on our heads. Feel free to ask us about our favourite instrument and what kind of noise it makes.

Fairy Tale Dress Up Day Photos

Wow! What a fun filled day the Juniors had today. We made finger puppets, dragons, our own land and played fun games! We rotated around the four Junior teachers’ classrooms to do the different activities. Here are a few photos from our time with Miss Buchanan making finger puppets – a few photos of other classes too. Can you spot the children dressed up as different fairy tale characters?    

Fairy Tale Dress Up Day This Friday 26th June

A reminder that the Junior Syndicate are having a Fairy Tale Dress Up Day on Friday 26th June. Students can dress up as their favourite Fairy Tale character or as themselves as we all love to be adventurers! Classes will be rotating to different teachers during the day to do fun activities. Check back in a few days for photos of the day!


In Maths lately Te Ra have been learning about Patterns and Shapes. We can copy, create and continue a pattern. We are also able to group shapes into colours, number of sides or corners or in their shapes. On Monday we started learning about position and orientation. We are learning to tell our left from right and what a 1/2 or 1/4 turn is. Some of us went outside with a buddy to direct them using the correct language such as take a 1/4 turn to the left and take 5 steps… Read More

Buddy Class

Te Ra loves our Buddy Class time on a Tuesday afternoon. We meet with Tirohonga every second Tuesday. We read with our buddy or show them some work we are proud of that we have completed since the last time we met. Here are some photos from throughout the year.