Buddy Reading

C.S. Lewis (author of the fabulous Narnia books and life-time friend of J.R. Tolkien) says, “You can never get a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough, to suit me!” I like his thinking … and so does Te Whenua … at least as far as a book goes! We had our first buddy reading time with Te Kauri on Monday morning; a good book, in the sunshine, with a buddy – recipe for happiness 🙂

Inflatable Football

Wow! So much fun was had yesterday with Coach Rudy and Coach Michael. The children had a very fast paced skill lesson focusing on ball control and invasion/defence, before hopping into the inflatable field for two action-filled games of soccer.

Sand to Mud

The 40th annual Sand to Mud race took place today. We raced through heavy showers of rain to board the bus and chug out to the start line at Kariotahi. Thankfully, apart from a couple of showers, the rest of the day was fine. It was great to see some of the children from Te Whenua at the start line, and to chat with Miss Sixsmith and Ms Davidson. My sister and I enjoyed walking the first 5 or so kilometres; after that it was definitely a case of … are we… Read More

Team Work!

Recently the classes in Tui team (Te Whenua, Te Ra and Uenuku) took part in a treasure hunt throughout the junior end of the school. The children were working together as a team to follow the clues and hunt for pieces of paper with letters on them. Once all of the letters were found the children put them together to spell Team Work!

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! The weather was stunning 🙂 The children prepared for Easter by baking Bunny Butts – I know, they sound shocking but they are extremely cute and very tasty!

Capture the Flag

The children have been learning how to defend their space whilst invading the space of others in an energetic game of Capture the Flag with Ms McKinley.

Te Moana

Te Wiki Tuatoru – Week Three TE MOANA SWIMMING TERM 1 The students of Te Moana have had such a busy week getting into the swing of our class routines and also loving our swimming time and lessons with Whaea Ma. We are learning techniques to help us swim better and faster and also the occasional fun relay. TE MOANA HOMEWORK TERM 1 Homework has been handed out an each student will be given their homework cover sheet, spelling sheet and our reading log sheet and from now on each student also… Read More

Te Moana

Te Wiki Tuarua – Week Two Te Moana & Te Marama are the middle syndicate, our classes are filled with year 5-6 eager students. We are also known as the KERERU TEAM. Our classes will work together during the first few weeks on art pieces that represent our syndicate. We thought it would be an amazing idea for both classes to work alongside one another and allow for students to bond,  and also get to know each others classroom environments and teachers. Kereru Team Artwork – Te Moana & Te Marama will team up over the next few… Read More

Te Moana

 Te Wiki Tuatahi: Week One- Nau mai haere mai – Welcome to Te Moana. Introduction Newsletter – Whaea Ma Class Newsletter Week 1 – Te Moana Class Newsletter updated 2016 The students of Te Moana have hit the ground running, with a new learning environment new and known expectations and also a new kaiako. We are going through our classroom processes and procedures, and putting our hands in to develop our classroom treaty. We have learnt  AKONGA – AE and also about HAPPY Face and SAD Face and a little more about our… Read More

Welcome to Term One, 2016

The first four weeks of Term One have flown by! We have been sharing our Personality Bags (it’s all about us!) and persevering with drafting, editing and publishing our holiday recounts … they look great! The kids love reading each other’s holiday stories and giving each other feedback … “Hey, you’ve written a great story! It’s really exciting to read!” Swimming Sports last Monday was a fantastic day! Here are some photos …