Te Moana

Te Wiki Tuarua – Week Two

Te Moana & Te Marama are the middle syndicate, our classes are filled with year 5-6 eager students. We are also known as the KERERU TEAM. Our classes will work together during the first few weeks on art pieces that represent our syndicate. We thought it would be an amazing idea for both classes to work alongside one another and allow for students to bond,  and also get to know each others classroom environments and teachers.

Kereru Team Artwork – Te Moana & Te Marama will team up over the next few weeks  to work collaboratively on 4 pieces of artwork. Students from both classes choose which piece of art work they would like to do and have the opportunity to work with either Whaea Ma or Mrs Clarke both really cool teachers so lucky them.

WEEK 2 -3  Whaea Ma Sketching & Mrs Clarke Chalk & Dye

WEEK 4-5 Whaea Ma Pastel & Mrs Clarke Paint 

Completed art work to follow 🙂