How We Got Our Name


As I pointed out earlier, Glenbrook was a series of names when I came here.  Letters would come addressed to all of these.  The P.O. people suggested getting one name for the district but condemned Ruahohua as it was too similar to Ruakura near Hamilton.  A public meeting was called, but no finality was reached.  Some wanted Packington, others Brookside, some Waiuku East, and so on.  One very irritable Irish gentleman said “It was Packington when I came here and it will be Packington when I am gone,” and then stormed out of the hall and went home.  It was decided eventually to use none of the existing names.  All present were to go home and think out a name and bring it back next week.  It was also decided not to use a Maori name.

The meeting next week was as tame as the previous one had been fiery.  I submitted the name “Glenbrook” and it was unanimously adopted.  The old names lived on for quite a time but gradually died out.  Just recently I met an old gentleman at Hamilton who still called the district Parkington.