The Hall

The hall was built in 1896.  Just a plain building with no extra rooms.  The supper room was later added, then later still the two front rooms.  The card room is quite recent.  The Hall was built for £90 cash and voluntary labour supervised by the late J.D. Chalmers.  Lighting was first by kerosene lamps, then by a pressure benzine outfit which blew up – the kerosene lamps coming back until the advent of electricity.  The night the benzine tank blew up was good.  A young chump went to the box containing the benzine tank with a match to see what the pressure was.  It burst into flames.  Several men with rails levered the flaming tank from the wall just before it exploded.  One young lady fainted and her young man ran and got a copper half-full of water to bring her round.  He succeeded, apparently, because they eventually married and now live at Morrinsville with their ten children.