Fairy Tale Dress Up Day This Friday 26th June

A reminder that the Junior Syndicate are having a Fairy Tale Dress Up Day on Friday 26th June. Students can dress up as their favourite Fairy Tale character or as themselves as we all love to be adventurers! Classes will be rotating to different teachers during the day to do fun activities. Check back in a few days for photos of the day!

Making Potions

So…..the wolf has eaten Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood and a whole cake. Now he has a sore tummy, so we have made our own potions to make him feel better. Messy fun in Parekereke today         

Glenbrook School

At Glenbrook we believe in developing the whole child. We have good standards of achievement in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and also provide a wide range of experiences across the curriculum learning areas to support and motivate students learning potential. Our school enjoys building confidence and self-esteem in our students and we utilize the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) initiative to support good social and behavioural interactions at all levels of the school. We develop the key competencies through in a number of ways, including the ‘Habits of Mind’ concepts. Essentially we… Read More