Welcome to Calf Club 2020!

Information updated 21st August 2020


Dear Parents and Whanau,

Due to the New Zealand Election being moved to October 17th, Group Day Calf Club being on Thursday 22nd October and the ongoing Covid-19 situation Glenbrook Calf Club will be organised over the first week of Term 4.

Students who have an animal entry will compete on their allocated day.  If we are at Alert Level 2, each student who is registered and competing on that day will be able to invite a set number of people to assist them and support them. Students competing with an animal will be able to have at least one support adult. We will notify families closer to the time about numbers. 

Each area will be ringed off for animals, competitors and school supporters. This will maintain adequate distancing for either levels 2 or 1 and for M.Bovis regulations. If we are at Level 3 or 4 then we will send out the virtual guidelines for our competitors. 

Each morning our school will come up after the roll and support our Calf Club competitors. This is a unique opportunity for all our students to see what happens at each event, how it is judged and learn about each animal. Our classes will be asking their class “experts” about their animals, how they had to look after them and prepare for calf club. 

We are informing all parents now as we acknowledge there will be parents who will be unable to take leave for that morning to assist their child to compete at Calf Club. This gives those families  the option to arrange who is able to assist their child on the day or to change your child’s entry to the PTA option. If you would like your child’s entry to be changed to a PTA option then please email the office. 


Monday 12thOctoberTuesday 13thOctoberWednesday 14th OctoberThursday 15thOctoberFriday 16thOctober
Arrive at school between 8-8.309.30 judging starts.Arrive at school between 8-8.30Judging starts at 9Arrive at school between 8-8.30Judging start at 9amPTA
Class Items
Prizegiving10am Start
CalvesLambsGoatsDogs  ChickensHorsesSmall FurriesKumara VinesPlant Pot Holders (Judged in the morning)Heritage ItemsClass Items(Judging after school)
(Certificates will be presented at prize giving)
Classes view class items- walk around to include the plant potsCalf Club Prizegiving 10am.Whole school and invited parents of trophy winners.Class Certificates Y8 Service MedalistTrophy Winners

Students competing on the DAY

  • Do not have to wear school uniform when competing.
  • If parents want to take their child home after their event they can- otherwise they must change into their school uniform and resume class. 
  • Sausage sizzle available each day

A huge thank you to our Calf Club Committee and staff for working hard to ensure that Calf Club was not cancelled. Calf Club is an essential piece of our school history. Although it will look different it is still about our children, our connections with our agriculture, horticulture and rural heritage. 

Nga mihi ki a koutou,

Ms Lysandra Stuart


Student entry information:

Each student may have ONLY ONE ENTRY and are required to complete an official entry form available from the office. All entry forms are due in no later than 28th August 2020.

Calf Club Day options for 2020 are:

CALVES: Obtain, care for and raise a calf and then proudly demonstrate all your hard work in the animal ring: leading, child effort and animal condition. No poster or diary is required for this option. Calves to have been born: 1 June – 31 August 2020 inclusive. Please note that due to the ongoing Microplasma Bovis risk, calves must not be obtained from the Pukekohe / Tuakau sales. Alongside your entry this year there will be an additional  form to return  regarding NAIT compliance and MBOVIS free declaration.


LAMB/(GOAT) KID: Obtain, care for and raise a lamb or kid. Proudly demonstrate all your hard

work in the animal rings: calling, leading and child effort. Lambs or Kids are to have been born: 1 July -23 September 2020 inclusive. No poster or diary is required for these options. Please note that lambs are no longer available through the school, so you will have to procure your own lamb independently.


● CHICKEN: Raise and care for a chick. Order forms and information booklets are available at the School Office Orders must be in by Monday 22nd June for pick up from school on Tuesday 21st July. Chicks $5 each, with a minimum of 2 per order. On Calf Club Day, children each have a turn at speaking to the judge, and chickens will be weighed and judged. There is no requirement for the chicken to do a trick. A poster is  required and worth 50% of your overall mark. Poster card will be available from the office when you collect your chickens.


● PETS (DOGS/HORSE/SMALL FURRY): Bring your dog, horse or small furry (rabbit, guinea pig, rat, or mouse). Dogs must be able to be controlled by the child and led around a small obstacle course while being judged. Small Furries and horses will be judged on child effort and child knowledge. All pets require a poster and it is worth 50% of your overall mark.


● PTA OPTION: The PTA option for 2020 is to design and decorate a plant pot. The only limit is your imagination so get those creative juices flowing. Pots and information sheets are available from the office for a small fee $2.


● GARDEN: GROW YOUR OWN KUMARA VINE: Grow beautiful green vines from a whole kumara right from your kitchen window. Kumaras will be available from the office for a small fee of $2. Gardeners will also need to produce a diary which will make up 50% of your overall mark. Happy Gardening!

NB: Pre-schoolers may enter the following categories at Calf Club Day – calf, lamb, goat or chicken. Please note that all pre-schoolers with an animal must be supervised at all times. Pre-schoolers will not be officially judged but will be able to “show” their animal to the judge, and will receive a participation ribbon.

Information sheets, entry forms, and poster cardboard are available from the School Office.

Completed entry forms are to be returned to the School Office NO LATER than Friday 28 August 2020

Further information for families new to Glenbrook School:

Separate to the official Calf Club entry, all children will also create indoor art and craft exhibits during Term 3 at school with their class. Each class will be notified by their class teacher of any additional materials required from home for making these exhibits. These creations will be on display in classrooms.

Ribbons and certificates will be awarded during the day on Calf Club Day. Trophies and medals will be presented at the Prize-giving ceremony.

Glenbrook School awards special Long-Service Medals to Year 8 students who have entered Calf Club in one of the above options (agricultural animal, pet, PTA or Garden option) for 8 or more consecutive years, so it’s important to enter every year!

More information on Calf Club Day and how families can get involved will be posted on the school Portal over the coming weeks.

Interested in joining the Calf Club Committee? Drop us an email at

Please note that Calf Club is organised by a committee of parents – for any queries please contact: