Glenbrook School is part of the Waiuku Bus Network.  Glenbrook School has three bus runs and adheres to Ministry of Education requirements for eligibility for bus pupils. 

Bus 1:  Glenbrook Beach area (This run leaves school at 2:30pm.)

Bus 2A:  Wymer Road area (This run leaves school  at 3:00pm.)

Bus One and Bus Two A is a Ministry of Education (MOE) funded run.  

Bus 2B:  Waiuku area.  Run Two B is a parent pay service.  Payment must be made to the office each term to allow the service to be used.  This run leaves school at 3.15pm. If payment is not received then students will not be able to use the bus.

The ‘Bus Code of Conduct’ must be signed by all students and their parents, who use the bus service.  This outlines the behaviour expectations and consequences for poor behaviour. Each bus has student bus monitors. Parents are not to board the bus. Any bus behaviours are managed the following day by the bus duty teacher.