Week 3, Term 3 2022

Morena Team,

Please see this week’s newsletter:

Kia Ora Parents and Whanau,

What a great week 3 we have had. We finish it with a mufti day today. Please remember to bring along grocery items. These can be packet, tinned or bottle items. Please check the expiry dates as we do not want expired items. 

Glenbrook School Board Parent & Staff Election 2022

At the close of nominations at 12 noon Wednesday, August 3rd, the following nominations were received for the number of parent and staff vacancies on the School Board.

Parent Election: Paul Blue, Craig Buckingham and Chelsea Cameron.

Staff Election:  Monique Shuker

I hereby declare the following duly elected: Chelsea Cameron, Paul Blue, Craig Buckingham and Monique Shuker.

Regards: Darlene Goodall, Returning Officer

 Strengthening Learner Progress
Each term as part of our SLP or Strengthening Learner Practice model, our teachers are engaged in co-plan, co-teach lessons with a coach and mentor. The focus is particularly on clear and purposeful  lesson intentions, success criteria students understand and the think-pair-share-compare strategy amongst students. These are skills which can be transferred into any subject area being taught and this year we are coaching these skills in Mathematics as this is our key focus area. This informs our pedagogy in practice (PIPs) and our teachers Professional Growth Cycle (PGC). Each term we are so very proud of our teachers as we continue to have the privilege to watch them grow from strength to strength as practitioners. This is one aspect of how we drive and accelerate the teaching practice in our school. How lucky we are to have such amazing teachers with a growth mindset and an ability to engage and strengthen their practice. If you want excellent outcomes for our students, we invest and look after our teachers. Thank you Glenbrook teachers for the quality teaching practice in your classrooms.

Sport and EOTC
Well done to all our EPRO8 teams. We sent four teams to the Pukekohe heats and three teams have progressed to the semi finals. The year 7&8 semifinals will be held at Papatoetoe Intermediate and the 5&6 semi-finals will be held at Pasadena Intermediate. We have invested in our own school EPRO8 equipment and each week a different class will be involved in STEAM using EPRO8. This is taught by Mr Green and will inform the Technology strand of the NZ Curriculum. We are looking for sponsorship of more EPRO8 equipment and electronics (Cost is $1800 for one kit which 4 students use). If you are able to sponsor EPRO8 or Robotics please contact Ms Stuart.

This week we sent six teams in years 3-8 to Franklin Netball. What a fantastic week it was. Thank you to all our parents who were able to help with transport, coaching, managing and umpiring. We can only enter these events with parent help. Thank you Miss Shuker for organising and Coach Sargent for leading. Our teams worked so well together, showing excellent mana and manaakitanga.

Last Friday we sent a small group of four to Franklin gymnastics. Well done to Addison, Keira, Kendra and Emily M for representing our school and Addison for placing second.

Next week Miss Shuker and I are away at Snow Camp with the year 8s. This is an important event in the school calendar for our students and a highlight of their time at Glenbrook School. We will be white water rafting, tramping, skiing, fishing, visiting Kiwi House, Waitomo Caves and Waimangu Valley. Students will be involved in a range of teamwork and leadership activities as well as learning about the geothermal area. The planning and organising for this camp takes over a year and I want to acknowledge the huge amount of hours Miss Shuker has had to put in to organise this. Snow Camp usually takes place every two years, however our year 8s missed out last year due to covid so we made the decision to provide this opportunity for them this year. Next year we will return to a year 7&8 Snow Camp. Miss Shuker and I will be meeting with years 6&7 next term about the 2023 Snow Camp.

We still have museum trip permission slips to be returned. Please follow these up as these activities take a lot of planning and organising for our teachers. Every delay hinders organisation.

Calf Club
Team Tui would like some square icecream container lids for their class calf club items. Please send these to the office if you have any. Uenuku would like clean tins (410g) for their class items.

Please remember to get poster paper from the office if your child’s Calf Club entry has a poster requirement. These are due in six weeks. Please ensure you have registered for Calf Club. Forms are available at the office.

Information on the Calf Club heritage items will be sent out soon, This is made at school in week 10. Students will also bring home a paper plate in week 10 which will need to be returned to school on Friday of week 10 with home baking on it to sell at Calf Club. Each plate earns whanau points. Donations of tinned, bottle, packets, bathroom, laundry items can be handed to the office throughout this term. Each item earns whanau points. Information on how you can help and volunteer for Calf Club before and on the day will also be sent out soon.

As a mum, I just want to acknowledge what a good job you are doing as parents. Remember to take a moment for yourself and that kids are kids. Just like us, kids have good days and bad days. They have days they don’t like school and days they don’t like the people around them. They have days they are bored and days where they don’t even know what they want. Every child is different. This is part of the journey of growing up. As parents we can only do what we can and be there to pick them up when they FAIL. (First Attempts In Learning).  Hug them when they FAIL and remind them they are loved. It’s also important to be kind to yourself. Your child’s FAIL is not your FAIL. It’s ok to FAIL. It’s important to FAIL. It’s what we do next as parents that builds resilience in our children. So have a cup of tea and breathe, because parenting is not easy but it is the best thing ever!

Have a lovely weekend whanau,
Ms Lysandra Stuart