Ms Ally Davidson


Assistant Principal

Year 5&6 Teacher


General Information
Kereru Syndicate Leader
Class – Te Kauri

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My name is Ally Davidson and I have been teaching Year 7 & 8 and Year 3 & 4 Glenbrook School students since 2000.

I have a Diploma of Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland in English and Geography. The Geography side of my degree includes both physical and social papers which focuses on climatology, biogeography, geomorphology, hydrology and population analysis. The Curricula I am particularly passionate about are English, Mathematics and Science.

Prior to beginning my teaching career I worked for the Bank of New Zealand on the Graduate Programme. My roles included foreign exchange, off shore accounts, foreign tellers team leader at the International Airport, Letters of Credit, Loans Retail Banking and Relief Manager. My experiences in banking have inspired me to support and encourage students to learn about financial literacy.

I have four children who have received an excellent education from Glenbrook School that has supported their further education and career choices.

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I believe that it is important for students to take ownership of their own learning. Teaching and learning is a two way process that works best when the participants work together to achieve the best possible outcome – progress and success.