Team Haast Distance Learning Page

The following information is for all Year 7 & 8 students in Team Haast.


Here is a sample Team Haast Sample Timetable IF you want one. It can be amended to meet YOUR schedule in YOUR bubble.


Online Learning Platform

Link to Student Login

Parent Information

Guidelines for students


Students will have set tasks to complete. Feel free to explore Live Mathletics, Rainforest Maths, MultiVerse and Mysterious Mansion.

X1 unit strand a week. STEPs improve your child’s spelling, vocabulary, sentence and word work.

X4 tasks a week. Some students will have set tasks to complete. The key focus is Science. Feel free to explore the range of other subjects and languages available.

Subject areas students can explore at their own pace and interest are:

English Literature, Social Sciences, Science, Mathematics, Languages, Health and PE, Māori


Optional Exploring:

There is a range of curriculum areas that students can access for free.

Free choice although some students will have set tasks. A reminder that studyladder can be accessed from 9am-3pm for a range of subject and topic choices. Outside of these times, students can only do 3 activities.


Class codes have been sent out via gmail.


Class codes have been sent out via Google Classroom.

Access to unlimited texts online.

Students can access online texts.


Class codes have been sent out via gmail.

Online financial literacy programme for Year 7 & 8s.

Set modules are available for students to complete at their own pace. These tasks are optional.


Google Classroom

Your child has access to Google Classroom through their gmail. There are tasks and learning support materials uploaded to this classroom to support your child’s learning. They will receive an email notification when new information or work is posted.


An easy way of finding all of these is to go to the ‘classwork’ tab because everything is listed under topic headings.

Students are notified via their gmail every time information or work is posted on Google Classroom. Students need to check their school gmail account regularly.

Offline Learning (Hard Materials)


Hard Materials

Guidelines for students

Dragon Maths book

1-2 pages a day. Please make sure you have marked these with your child when they are completed.

Action English book

1-2 pages a day. Please make sure you have marked these with your child when they are completed.

Exercise book

For independent writing and writing tasks set on Google Classroom




Online lessons will be focused on writing. It is beneficial for your child to join in on lessons. Your child will be emailed lesson expectations and students in years 3-8 will need to preview lesson content prior to joining the lesson.


Try to read at least 15-30 minutes each day. This includes reading to another individual reading or being read to.

Well Being

Go Noodle

Active Screen Time

GoNoodle® gets kids up and moving to fun, engaging content and games. Every dance party, yoga session, mindfulness activity, and game session is an opportunity for kids to wake up their bodies, engage their minds, and be their best.

Letterbox Cricket


Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge

Design a 30 Day Fitness Challenge for you and your family.

Mindfulness Body Scan exercise

An exercise that boosts body-awareness, and helps students to relax and manage their feelings.


Video 1

Video 2



Wellbeing Bingo

Gratitude ‘journal’. Discover the things you’re grateful for each day.


Mandala Art for Kids

Using materials you can find near (preferably in nature) you create a mandala.

Fun Zone


The Virtual Traveler

Knitted Mice SPCA

Visual Arts: Photography Fun

Visual Arts: Architectural Letters

Marble Run Challenge

Create and design your own marble run!


Poetry Box bubble time: Paula Green reads her unpublished Very Very Very Strange Tail story and invites you to illustrate it so she can post it on her blog!

My Fairy Garden

PDF Link

Using materials found outside (or items not needed) students can create a fairy garden to display outside.


Video Link

DIY Fairy Gardens

Stop Motion Activity

Create a stop – motion video about what your ‘new norm’ looks like at home.


Tutorial: How to use the app


App: ‘Stop motion studio’ (free version). This is an app that can be found in the app store on a parent/caregiver’s phone or on your laptop.


Get Creative! Design your own bird feeder from recycled materials around the house. Take photos/video and explain what materials you’ve used & why.


Here is a link to information about What To Feed Native Birds.




Activity: Smiley Stress Balls

My Favourite Animal


Create a poster, slide, brochure or diorama telling us about your favourite animal.

Diorama video links

How to Make a Diorama

Tips and Tricks for a Diorama

Build your Dream Home!

Draw and design your dream home as a floor plan and also from different points of view.