Snow Camp Day 5.2 – Waimangu Valley

On day 5 the Senior Syndicate went for a walk in Waimangu  Valley. This was followed by a boat cruise on lake Rotomahana. We were very interested by the geysers and mud pools. It was also interesting to be walking in an area formed by the Mt Tarawera eruption.

Snow Camp Day 5.1 -Polar Plunge

On the morning of Day 5 some of our daring students took part in the Polar Plunge. This meant that at 7am, students were running across an icy field to brave the depths and cold of Lake Rotorua.

Snow Camp Day 4 – Rotorua

On day 4 we traveled to Rotorua and explored the museum. It was a fun day for everyone. We learnt about the Mt Tarwara eruption. The eruption lasted six hours and caused massive destruction and destroyed the famous silica hot springs known as the Pink and White Terraces.

Snow Camp Day 3 – Mt Ruapehu

On day three of Snow Camp, the Senior Syndicate went snowboarding and skiing up on  Mt Ruapehu. It was a very exciting day with people pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and taking responsible risks.

Snow Camp Day 2 – White Water Rafting

On day two of Snow Camp, the Senior Syndicate students journeyed to the Tongariro River to go white water rafting. It was an exciting adventure with one team falling out of their raft! But everyone followed the safety directions perfectly and within no time at all, were back in their rafts. What an adventure.

Snow Camp Day 1- Waitomo Caves

Day one of Snow Camp was fairly relaxed. The students spent most of the time traveling. The Waitomo Caves were fun and exciting. We learned about glow worms and the cave system. The talk got the kids very motivated to learn more.