School Uniforms

It is expected that all students wear the school uniform and that it is worn correctly.  The following guidelines should be adhered to:

  • The only jewellery allowed at school are earrings, which are to be sleepers or studs.
  • Any special jewellery which is cultural can be worn only with the permission of the Principal.  A letter of explanation will aid this decision.
  • Shoes should be removed when entering a classroom. 
  • A change of clothes is encouraged for lunch time activities on the field during winter.
  • All uniform items must be named.
  • Any mufti items brought to school will be asked to be removed. 
  • Students are not to wear nail polish, tattoos or make up to school. 

If for some reason the uniform is not worn on a particular day, then a note must be sent to the teacher explaining the reason.  Uniform items can be purchased online.