School Rules

Students are encouraged to demonstrate our Values and Qualities of Learning.  We expect that by giving students the guidance, trust, responsibility and a framework of acceptable behaviour, they will develop independence and self-management.

At Glenbrook School our teachers have the right to teach and students have the right to learn.  Each class has a classroom treaty, all students are aware of the rules and expectations.  Students are expected to apply their WITS (Walk away, Ignore, Tell someone, and say an ‘I’ statement). Students who do not meet the appropriate behaviours or expectations will engage in the ‘Reflection’ process. This reflects on the action, what they should have done and what they would do next time with the support of a Reflection teacher. Students who attend ‘Reflection’ will bring home information about the incident. This is expected to be discussed at home and the Reflection letter returned to school the following day.

Serious breaches of behaviour are managed using Ministry of Education guidelines for stand-downs, suspensions, expulsions and exclusions.