School Budgets

The Board receives three major sources of funding, an operations grant, property grant (5YA) and teacher salaries.  The Board sets its budget in November for the next year.  

The operations grant is based on the number of pupils and the school’s decile rating.  The operations grant funds all aspects of school costs (other than capital property projects and most teachers’ salaries).  This includes basically everything, such as: power, rates, all teaching resources, water, rates, ancillary staff costs (teacher aides, caretaker, office administrator), property maintenance, depreciation, computers, telephone, internet costs, accountant, auditor, photocopy paper, mower petrol, classroom furniture, sick leave and some teacher salaries  The operations grant is paid quarterly to the school from the MOE.  

The property grant is allocated to schools for capital property projects ie: new work or property upgrades.  This is allocated over five years and is managed by the Board and a project manager. 

Most teacher’s salaries are paid directly from the government to each teacher.  However, the school works with the government to manage this.   Glenbrook School operates on a positive school budget.