Te Moana

I graduated from teaching back in 1991. It was also the year I got married to Keith Simnor.

The first school I taught at was Ohaupo, Waikato. It was a 6 teacher country school. From there, I went to an even smaller (2 class) rural school – Ngutunui. Here I had a class ranging from Year 4s-8s. We got to live in the school house and our cat was a regular visitor to the classroom. Being part of this community was amazing, and forms some of Keith’s and my favourite memories. Every night of the week there was something on in the school hall or tennis courts. Unfortunately, time there was short because Keith got a wonderful job offer in Auckland and we headed up to the big smoke.  I taught at Remuera Primary School and Conifer Grove School before starting our family. Liam was born in 2000, and Olivia in 2001. We moved to Glenbrook in 2004. Liam and Olivia loved their Kindy years with Claire Shackleton. In 2005 I started teaching part time at Glenbrook School, and I’ve been here ever since!

2018 is going to be an exciting year.

I have previously completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice (Digital and Collaborative Learning). During this learning journey I got to try out new and innovative technology ideas.  I’m really looking forward to implementing some of these into my classroom programme. Teaching the skills of being a 21st Century Learner is fundamental: being problem solvers, collaborating with others, being risk takers, communicating effectively, and being self directed learners. I am now part of the Lead Curriculum Team for Glenbrook School and lead teacher for Literacy in Learning.