Information for Parents/Caregivers

At Glenbrook School, Calf Club is a long tradition and part of our history. It is a big day in our community calendar and it goes without saying that it takes our amazing community to pull off such an event. With this in mind we are wanting to remind you and give you all a bit of a heads up regarding items that require your help. 

Raffle goods:

On Calf Club day we will be running some raffle prizes. Students need to bring in non-perishable items for our grocery raffles over the coming weeks leading up to Calf Club. Each week we will let you know what these are in the Parent Portal. Whanau points will be given to all students for each item they bring in. 

Baked Goods:

All families need to send in a plate of baked goods such as muffins, cakes, biscuits or home made lollies. A paper plate will be sent home on Monday 23rd September and will need to be returned on the morning of Friday 27th September  with your baked goods. Baking is to be sent to the staff room. Whanau points will be given for every plate received. 

Heritage Workshop:

On Friday 27th September our Heritage Workshop will be running from 9-12.30. This year our displays will be Vaseline Flower Saucers or a Vegetable Animals. Your child will be asked to bring in either a saucer and flowers or vegetable and fruit to create their displays on Friday 27th September. (A great idea is to have a look on Pinterest of google images and have a chat with your child to see what ideas they can come up with) Again this requires community input.

Are you able to help all our students during these hours? Nanas, poppas, aunties, uncles, the more the merrier. We do ask that all helpers help all children (not just your own) and that the children make them (not the adult). It is a fun morning and gets the children excited about Calf Club. 

Monday 23rd September 

All posters due back. 

All preschool colouring in competition due back. 

Paper plate distributed to all families for return on Friday with baked goods. 

Tuesday 24th September 

Adult competition all preserves due in. 

Wednesday 25th September 

PTA  Options – Rock art due in. 

Thursday 26th September

Garden Option –  Potatoes in a bucket due in today. 

Friday 27th September 

Heritage Display workshop 9am-12pm:  Vegetables and fruit animal, OR saucer. Students to being in flowers or vegetables. All students to complete an item. 

All cakes and baking goods due in today. 

Saturday 28th September 

80TH Calf Club Day