Education for Environmental Sustainability

Glenbrook School is actively involved in caring for the environment.  We are a Silver Enviro School. We have school gardens and students are encouraged to be responsible with their rubbish and the school environment.  The Trees for Survival and Enviroschools programmes run in our school.

Trees for Survival – children growing our future – is a programme designed to involve students in learning about trees and how important they are for our future. The objective of ‘more children planting more trees’ helps to control soil erosion, safeguard water quality, regulate stream flow, increase biodiversity, control greenhouse gases and to restore and beautify landscapes.

A feature of the programme is community partnership – bringing together different organisations and individuals working together to protect our environment. In the school community students, teachers, parents and grandparents work with a sponsor, the local council, and landowners – a partnership with the common goal of making a difference to our ‘at risk’ landscape.  There are a number of organisations that work with Glenbrook School on the TFS programme.  Please see Miss Rook if you are able to assist in any way.