Cool Schools

Glenbrook School is a Cool School.  This programme is taught every year.  Cool Schools teaches the students a range of strategies to deal with conflict.  It empowers students by following a specific process to finding a solution.  This is often through a mediation process.  

Peer mediators will be available during interval and lunchtimes in the playground. The playground mediators are identified by a yellow vest and will deal with minor playground issues.  These skills are also applied during Purposeful Play. Please see Mrs Davidson-Harford for any other information regarding this programme.  

We encourage our students to use their WITS when resolving conflict situations. WITS is an acronym that stands for: Walk Away,  Ignore, Tell Someone, Say an ‘I’ statement. An ‘I statement’ includes “I feel… (state the feeling), “when…” (state the behaviour),  “because…” (state the consequence).