Complaints or Concerns

Often unnecessary worry can be caused by unfounded rumour or misinterpretation.  If the issue is ‘whole school’ parents are encouraged see the Principal.  If parents have any classroom concerns they are encouraged to contact the classroom teacher in the first instance.  If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, then the following are contacted:

  • Order of contact 
  1. Mrs Jessica Simons our Deputy Principal  or For special needs concerns please contact Mrs Hannah Thompson our SENCO/ Learning Support Leader.
  2. The Principal, Ms Stuart 
  3. The Board of Trustees 
  • Please ensure that the correct order of contact / correspondence is followed, this will give the best possible opportunity for resolution.


  1. Our school defines a concern as something expressed verbally and a complaint as written. Anonymous complaints are ignored.
  2. Parents are under no circumstances allowed to address a concern directly with a child.

The complaints procedure is available from the school office.