Common Diseases

Period of exclusion from school:

Measles For at least 5 days from the appearance of rash until recovery. Contacts not

Chicken pox For 1 week from the appearance of rash until ALL scabs are gone. 
                          Contacts not excluded.

Diphtheria Medical clearance required to return to school.  Contacts to be excluded for
                            at least 5 days from onset.

Whooping Cough Exclude until 21 days from onset of coughing or after 5 days antibiotics. Contacts not excluded

Mumps Until all swelling has subsided and the child has normal health.  Contacts to be observed for at least 28 days but can attend school.

Streptococcal Throat Exclude until 24 hours after antibiotics have been started.

Meningitis Exclude until well, with no symptoms for at least 48 hours.

Ringworm Nil, if under treatment.

Head Lice Nil, if under treatment.

Scabies Nil, if under treatment.

School sores Nil, if under treatment.  (No swimming until completely healed)

Doctor’s advice should be sought in all these matters where information is unavailable from the school or the Public Health Nurse.  (Except head lice).