How does it Rain?

Uenuku has started to do explanation writing. Before we wrote our explanations we drew and labelled diagrams to explain what we had learnt about how it rains. Please come in and see our explanation writing on our classroom wall!

Buddy Class Visit

On Friday we were lucky enough to be visited by our buddy class Te Moana for a special play. Uenuku watched some of Te Moana perform Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We were very impressed.

Weather Reports and Poetry

Over the past few weeks we have been celebrating Uenuku’s home-learning. We are all so excited for our new topic of Weather! Well done to all those who are directing their learning at home and for sharing it with the rest of Uenuku!

Michael’s Weather Report

Michael shared his very own weather report with Uenuku. He had chosen to do it as one of his homework tasks. Michael had drawn a map of New Zealand and labelled the weather patterns. He explained to the class what the weather was like in different parts of the country. Well done Michael!

Calf Club Day

It was very exciting seeing everyone come out for the day! Well done to all the students who participated by creating potatoes, grass displays and animals. A big thank you to all the parents who helped also. The students did very well with their class art pieces. Well done to Finn Yorke and Taylor Webb who represented our school at Group Day with their animals.

Earthquake Jelly Experiment

Miss McKenna brought in a tray of jelly to experiment with. Uenuku got into groups and worked together to create a building/structure out of marshmallows and toothpicks. Careful thought was put into how best to make the structure so that it could withstand the jelly earthquake (wobble)! Many students thought that structures lower to the ground had a better chance.

Natural Disasters

We have started our theme of Natural Disasters. We are working in small inquiry groups to gather information and write a report on a chosen disaster. We are learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes. Last week David brought in small volcanic rocks for the class to look at. He showed us pictures of when his Grandparents went to White Island.

Trevor’s Adventures

Trevor has been to so many of our homes now! He has enjoyed having so many adventures with you. His adventure book is nearly all full, so he will need a new one very soon. Thank you to the students who wrote about their adventure with Trevor. A big thank you to parents who helped with photos and writing! If Trevor has not been to your house yet, he will very soon.

Mice Information Reports

Uenuku is learning how to write information reports. We are learning that information reports have different parts. Today we got into groups and brainstormed information about mice after reading about them. We have found out so many things about mice that we never knew before! Now that we have brainstormed, we will start writing our information reports. 

Soccer Fun

Glenbrook had a special visit from the Football NZ Soccer Programme. The instructors helped Uenuku with their dribbling skills by playing games. We loved playing in the inflatable soccer field! The instructors are offering lunch time soccer classes over the rest of the term. Notices have gone home with the details.