Boat Building

We have been busy building boats in Parekereke. We received a letter asking to help design a new life boat for the New Zealand Lifeguards. Collaborating in pairs we designed our lifeboats and then thought about which objects we could use to build our prototype. We are at the painting stage but before we paint our beautiful designs, our boat needs a good base coat of white. Great to see our newest class members, Wyatt and Katelyn joining in our activities and working well together.

A visitor for Parekereke

This morning we were very lucky to have Lenny the Blue Tongued lizard come and visit us in class. He could only stay for a little while as lizards need to be kept warm. Rikki and Stevie’s dad brought Lenny in to meet us.

Developmental play in Parekereke

This afternoon we had developmental play in class. That means we can choose any of the activities in the classroom and play with anyone we like. We had a shop, stencils, pictures, alphabets, puzzles and iPads! Phew what a busy afternoon

Counting on….

Today in class, some of us practised ordering our numbers to ten. Then Miss Shears stole one or two numbers when we weren’t looking. We had to work out which number she had taken without going back and counting from one! Next we practised counting on. We turned over some of our cards and practised counting up to 10. Maddison has a great photo showing how she has started at 5 and carried on counting. Great job on your first day Maddison!

Making Potions

So…..the wolf has eaten Grandma, Little Red Riding Hood and a whole cake. Now he has a sore tummy, so we have made our own potions to make him feel better. Messy fun in Parekereke today         

We love Tens Frames!

We are using tens frames in class as they are a great way to learn how to recognise numbers. We are able to identify the numeral, the tens frame, the tally and sometimes we can find the word too (but they are pretty tricky!)

Beware of who lives here!!!

We have started to learn about Fairy Tales in Parekereke. One morning when the students arrived they found pebbles dropped down the corridor. They carefully followed the pebbles and discovered a house covered in sweets!!! I wonder who live here? A big thank you to Miss K for creating this wonderful experience!

CCC meetings next Tuesday

Don’t forget school closes at 12 next Tuesday 31st March for Child Centered Conferences. Book online at

Junior Museum Trip – Thursday 19th March 2015

Parekereke, Te Ra, Uenuku and Te Whenua had an exciting trip to Auckland Museum last week.

Pie Day this Tuesday and Wednesday

Don’t forget pies are on sale this Tuesday and Wednesday for $2.50 each! Please order before school.