Calf Club Prizegiving 2018

PTA Options

Conroy Cup – Indoor Exhibits

Sophie S

Piwakawaka Indoor Exhibits

Kenzie C

Tui Indoor Exhibits

Zi Yuan S

Brooke R

Kereru Indoor Exhibits

Whistler H

Haast Indoor Exhibits

Jazmine H

PTA trophy – Senior overall winner PTA option

Lucas G

PTA Cup – Junior overall winner PTA option

Wyatt U


PTA trophy for best garden poster

David W

PTA trophy for Reserve Champion Garden

Niamh S

Coen S

Karans Family Garden cup – Champion Garden

Isla S


Glenbrook School – Best Chicken Poster Trophy

Edward M

Lily W

Goettler Family Trophy – Reserve Champion Chicken

Finn Y

Eggleton Chirp-head Trophy – Champion Chicken

Emma Y


PTA Trophy – Champion Horse

Emma C

Russell Trophy – Champion Dog

Amy-May M

PTA Trophy – Champion Small Furry

Jazmine H

Glenbrook School Trophy – Best Pet Poster

Jazmine H

Carpet One Cup – Reserve Champion Pet

Katie M

Glenbrook PTA Cup – Overall Champion Pet

Jazmine H

Long Service Medals
8 years of service to Calf Club – Boston A, Blake H, Amy-May M, Emma Y
9 years of service to Calf Club – Jazmine H, Benjamin L, Thomas M
10 years of service to Calf Club – Rose H
11 years of service to Calf Club – Hunter M
Youngest competitor with agricultural animal (In 2018 this was youngest competitor in any category with a complete entry of poster/diary & animal/bean or letterbox)

Leah K