All students in years 5-8 are required to bring a device to school for digital learning. All students will be bringing home a BYOD and digital agreement on the first day of school in 2021.

All students in years 5-8 are encouraged to have: At least 8 hours battery power, 4GB Ram, at least an 11 inch screen and a very tough outer shell. A very good protective case or bag, wireless mouse and headphones. Everything is to be clearly named.  All students who bring a device to school are required to sign and follow our BYOD agreement. Students are not able to use a device at school until a signed Digital Citizenship and BYOD agreement have been returned. 

Glenbrook School have the following computer specifications to use as a guideline when purchasing a device for school use.

All students in years 5-8 are encouraged to have a device that has:

Chromebook – minimum specifications

  • CPU Family:Intel Celeron
  • Memory Size:4GB Memory
  • Screen Size:11.6 inches
  • Screen Resolution:1366×768
  • SSD Capacity:32 GB
  • HDD Capacity:N/A
  • GPU Model:Intel UHD Graphics 600
  • Operating System:Chrome OS
  • 6-8 hours battery life
  • Headphones

Windows PC – Minimum specifications – Waiuku College Specifications 2020
Windows version 10 64bit Education or Pro with update 1909 or higher,
Minimum 12 inch screen.
6‐8 hours battery life.
8GB of RAM minimum.
Internal solid state hard drive (SSD) 256GB or greater.
* We recommend Intel i5 6th Gen or higher processors , AMD A5 and above
* A laptop bag or sleeve and, if possible, a hard shell case.

All items are to be clearly named.