Glenbrook School has a nil tolerance for bullying.  All verbal or physical bullying is dealt with seriously according to our Behaviour Management expectations.  

Bullying Prevention and Response defines, “Bullying behaviour is not an individual action”.

  • Bullying is deliberate.
  • Bullying involves a power of imbalance.
  • Bullying has an element of repetition.
  • Bullying is harmful.

Bullying behaviours can be physical, verbal, or social and can take place in the physical world or digitally. 

Bullying is not an individual action. It involves up to three parties: initiators (those who do the bullying), targets (those being bullied) and often bystanders (those who witness the bullying).
Bullying behaviour is complex. It can take many forms, including physical, verbal or social bullying. It can take place in the physical or online world, and causes damage and harm. Verbal and social bullying can be as harmful as physical bullying.” (moe.govt.nz)  An anti-bullying programme is taught by the Principal in the Principal’s Assembly on Mondays.