Mrs Heather Simnor

Year 7 & 8 Teacher


General Information
Class – Te Kauri (The Kauri)

I live in Glenbrook with my husband Keith and two teenage children, Liam and Olivia. We have a couple of acres with some sheep, chickens, two ponies, two cats and a dog.

I trained to be a teacher at Hamilton Teachers Training College and spent my first 4 years teaching in rural schools smaller than Glenbrook. We moved to Auckland in July 1994, and I taught at Remuera Primary then Conifer Grove School until 2000. Teaching in large city schools provided me with many leadership opportunities. Some of the highlights were being involved in the National Educational Monitoring Project (Maths and Science), leading the Maths and Art Curriculum Teams and being the Year 5 & 6 Syndicate Leader.

While at Conifer Grove School, I began my Postgraduate Diploma of Education with Auckland University. I eventually completed this in 2007 with the major focus in Visual Arts.

In 2000 Liam came along, followed soon after by Olivia. From then until recently I have been relieving or part time teaching.

In 2014 I returned to full time teaching with the Year 6/7 class at Glenbrook School. Most people know how much I love teaching art, but they might not realise that the subject I look forward to most in my teaching day is Maths. I love being at Glenbrook School with its fabulous, supportive community, and enthusiastic, engaged students, plus friendly, helpful colleagues.