On Wednesday Te Rakau Nui participated in the Glenbrook School Cross Country.  We especially enjoyed having a genuine Cross Country course thanks to the Udy’s making their paddocks available.

We would like to congratulate all students who participated in Cross Country.  The effort put in was amazing.  We would also like to acknowledge the following students from Te Rakau Nui:-

  • Dylan Maxwell (1st – Year 8 Boys)
  • Noah Bradley (2nd – Year 8 Boys)
  • Ava-Mae Steven (1st – Year 8 Girls)
  • Maiah Panchia (2nd Year – 8 Girls)
  • Emily McGregor (3rd Year – 8 Girls)
  • Nick Adams (2nd Year – 7 Boys)

Also a huge thank you to Mrs Simnor for organising such a great day.