The Wharf

Retold in 1957 by C.J.T. Hodgkinson commemorating the 80th Anniversary of Glenbrook (Brookside) School. Since he knew it (1900)

When I arrived here the wharf was at the Point on what is now Mr. Keyte’s farm, but was useless except for passengers, the approach being too steep.  We used to stand on the wharf and wave.  If the tide was right the old Weka came in, if not she sent in a row boat.  The same procedure if you were getting off.  The old Weka was a dirty old steam boat but did a good job.  She used to come into Waiuku, unload a lot of cargo and get out on the same tide.  She was later replaced by an oil burner, the “Waiuku”, but the opening of the railway put an end to the boat traffic.  Just before this happened a new wharf was built at the Needles but the road was never made to it.  We sent away a few scow loads of chaff from there but had to slide the bags of chaff down planks to the wharf.