There was no organised sport except a dance or two a year and the annual school picnic.  The picnic was held in our bush and we still call that field the “Picnic Field”.  People came from far and near; they came in buggies, gigs, sulkies, on horseback and on foot.  It was always held during the school holidays so that children from other districts could attend.  Children’s races were the main event, but there were always a 100 yards, a mile and ladies’ races, married and single.  Katie Conway (later Mrs. E. Flanagan) was the champion lady runner both before and after marriage.  Horse events included tilting the ring and stockman’s competition.  The day finished with a tug-o’-war, married v. single, and one day I remember Glenbrook pulled Patumahoe all over the field, to the delight of the locals.  I remember a young chap brought a barrel of hop beer along and asked the committee’s permission to sell same at 1d a glass to the children.  The committee held an emergency meeting, and after sampling the brew decided it was too strong for children.  It was strong, all right, because some of the committee were on all fours before the day was finished.  A dance followed in the evening.

Ned Flanagan was our champion at the mile and won several times.The late Mr. A. J. Williams chased him close one year, but the next day and for several days after Mrs. Williams had trouble getting Alf on his feet. On one occasion a trotting meeting was held but this caused a fight, and after that the sports were held on separate days from the children’s races.We had good sports meetings for several years. I was secretary for some years, then the late Mr. H. Hay took over. The local branch of the Farmers’ Union  also held sports gatherings in a field opposite the hall for several years.  The Glenbrook Hockey Club,Cricket Club and Tennis Club was formed in 1916.  I was secretary of all three. The hockey and cricket clubs flourished  but the tennis held fire for a few years. Fishing was always popular, and it was no trouble to get 100 flatfish in a couple of hours. If you stood on the bank at the Rapids you could see dozens of snapper tails sticking up out of the water. A start was made to form of bowling green near the hall, but it went flat and the ground was handed over to the tennis club.