Week 5 Term 2 2015

Tena koutou katoa,

This week Mrs Davidson and I are busy visting classrooms to observe reading lessons. We are capturing evidence of how reading is taught across Glenbrook School. We are observing teachers, asking students about their learning and then critically reflect as a team about how we can best accelerate your child’s learning in reading. This is added to our reading assessment data to give us a detailed picture of reading at Glenbrook School.

The school actively encourages children to attend school to optimise their learning, but if a child is sick please keep them at home.  Particularly if a child vomits overnight or wakes up with a sore tummy we would appreciate them being kept home. This is to stop tummy bugs being passed around from family to family and also to staff members. Now flu and cold season if upon us please make sure children wash their hands regularly, use tissues and do not share any drink bottles. Let’s try and keep all students at Glenbrook School healthy.

Last week we sent teams to the Franklin Soccer and Hockey tournaments. Over 70 students attended. Our Year 3 and 4 girls came second. Years 7 and 8 Hockey mixed team came third. Thank you to all the parents, Annabel M, Neve B, Liam S, Mrs Jones and Mrs Simnor for all their help on the day.

Well done to those volunteers and parents who are considering attending camps. Please ensure you have completed the police vetting forms so these are cleared in time for camps. Police vetting forms are available from the office.

Have a wonderful week whanau,

Your Principal,

Lysandra Stuart