Week 3 Term 1 2015

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs. Johanna Brown as the Year 7 and 8 teacher in Te Rakau Nui. Mrs. Brown is a beginning teacher who trained at Waikato University. During the application process she stood out to us with her high level of academia. In her interview she displayed strength, perseverance, the importance of family and a commitment to teaching with passion and high expectations. These values and expectations mirror what we expect at Glenbrook School. Please help us to welcome Mrs. Brown and her family to Glenbtrook.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first Board of Trustees meeting. Your BOT is a fabulous bunch of parents who are work endlessly to ensure Glenbrook School continues to be an excellent learning environment with high expectations and motivating opportunities. They ask the hard questions on your behalf, but are quick with their support and aroha of the school. The purpose of the BOT is to govern Glenbrook School on your behalf. I really am lucky to be working such professional hard working people.

On Thursday is our Gala PTA meeting in the staffroom. This is an opportunity for you to come along and get involved with Glenbrook School. The PTA is integral to many successes in our school. If you are interested in being part of the PTA but can’t make it Thursday night, please let Kathy Clark or Stacey Bainbridge know.

Thank you to Mrs. Davidson and Te Rangi for a wonderful assembly. The students spoke well and shared some fantastic art work. During our assembly on Thursday (2.15 start) I led the first of our staff mihi and VIP talks. This gives you and our students a chance to find out a bit about us beyond the classroom. It is a chance to build our connections and partnerships together.

This week is “Packet Week”. Send along packet goods or canned goods with your child to school and they not only support the gala but earn points for their Whanau. Food Goods will be collected each morning under the multi-purpose shed by the School Council. We are still short of parent help for Gala, PLEASE PLEASE let us know if you are available. Every pair of hands counts.

Mr Shore and Miss Timms emailed me last week to wish me good luck. They also pass on a big “Hi” to the community. Mr. Shore is now a PE teacher in the Netherlands and Miss Timms is a Senior Teacher in Melbourne. Both teachers miss us and are all enjoying their new opportunities.

The Middle Syndicate had a wonderful trip to the Botanic Gardens last Friday. Feedback from parents highlighted how motivated and well behaved our students were. The photos showed great learning about plants took place. Well done to Mrs Jones and her team for great organization and maximizing the potential of the learning environment. I can’t wait to read the writing about it. This Friday our Senior Syndicate team are visiting Chosen Valley to develop their leadership skills and face personal challenge.

Finally, thank you to the large number of parents who are coming in to introduce themselves, to wish me good luck or to just pass on positive observations. I wish I could capture the energetic atmosphere we have at our school in a newsletter, but all I can do is sum it up. Glenbrook School is such a family focused community, where respect, high expectations and caring drive our learning environments. I look forward to seeing you all at our Meet the Teacher tomorrow night (6.30pm start in the hall).

Remember, collaboration is working smarter together not harder alone.

Your Principal,

Miss Lysandra Stuart.