ANZAC Garden of Remembrance

Glenbrook School creates a Garden of Remembrance for our ANZACs.

Glenbrook School teachers, students, and parents gave up time in their holidays to create a special place to remember our ANZACs and to mark the 100th Centenary of the first Galipoli landing. The Ministry of Education gave schools throughout New Zealand 30 crosses to commemorate the service and sacrifice of those New Zealander’s who fought during 1914-1918.

Creating this garden has given our students ownership and links to the names of the people represented on the crosses. Students and families have been investigating the stories behind the people in our garden. For some of our students, it has given a personal connection to learning about ANZAC and the First World War”.

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The names of those represented in the Glenbrook School Garden of Remembrance are

16/1385 PTE. A. Williams

28808 PTE. W.J. Shaw

16/1222 PTE. A. Tepuretu

60053 PTE. G. Barry

52185 RFM. W.E. Frankham

14449 PTW. W.E. Lippiatt

12/174 PTE. P.L Midgley

16/1335 CPL. J. Taliauli

32080 PTE. C.H. Stokes

8/3504 SGT. D.F. Brown VC

32513 SGT. D. Gallaher

10/2236 PTE. B.E. Mercer

6/1479 PTE. E.W Caddigan

2/2600 GNR. W.R Costar MM

12/3421 CPL. F.J. Mettam

12/1511 L/CPL. G.F. Stephenson

4/400 SGT. S. Forsyth VC

9/523 SGT. R.C Travis VC,DCM,MM,CDG

12/1998 PTE. C.O Johansen

21055 RFM. H.J. McAnnally

24213 SGT H.J. Nicholas VC, MM

12/2272 L/CPL. P.J. Deveraux

12/886 2/LT. A.S. Thompson MSM

2/2511 GNR. G.J. Pitcher

22/118 S/Nurse C.A. Fox

MB1839 C.M.M. R.L Alexandra DSM

12/2556 2/LT. A. Lorie MID

14384 PTE. H.E. Burows

24/1684 CPL. E.B. Heron.

Included is a white cross which identifies A NEW ZEALAND SOLDIER KNOWN UNTO GOD.