Group Day Swimming Sports Results 2015

Congratulations to these students for making it to Zone Day and maximising your potential !!

Group Day Swimming Results:
100m Year 7 Girls Freestyle :Aria Moore
100m Year 8 Boys Freestyle : Noah Bradley
1 length freestyle 7 year old boys: Kowhai Nepia
1 length Freestyle 8 year olds: Alex Webb
1 length freestyle 9 year olds: Marekaiti Nepia
1 length freestyle 10 year old girls: Erica Webb
1 length freestyle Year 7 girls: Aria Moore
200m Freestyle Year 8 boys: Noah Bradley
200m Freestyle Year 7 girls: Aria Moore
Open x2 lengths: Erica Webb
1 length breaststroke Year 8 boys: Jack Hodgson
1 length breaststroke 9 year old girls: Kyla Tong
1 length backstrokeYear 7 girls: Aria Moore
1 length backstroke 8 year old girls: Bella Longman
1 length backstroke 8 year old boys: Alex Webb