What is PB4L?

PB4L is a Ministry of Education programme where students are taught appropriate behaviour that will ultimately benefit their learning and achievement.

We have a Rewards programme that operates all of the time and acknowledges the children positive behaviour. We also have a card system that warns children of negative choices they make.

Behaviour is about choices. As a school we are consistent with our expectations and consequences to assist the children in making positive choices.


Our PB4L Tree
Our school designed our PB4L symbol.  We picked a tree because of the strong base (roots) and then the ability that we all have to grow and flourish.

Glenbrook School has a number of trees in our grounds.  We also use tree names for our whanau (house) competition.

For Glenbrook School our strong base is developed through the Habits of Mind.  These gives us the structure and skills to grow, learn and to Realise our Potential.

PB4L Tree

What is ROLES?

We surveyed our school community to see what values were important.  Respect came out extremely strongly and therefore this is the basis of our PB4L programme.

We use the acronym ROLES to outline the overview of our PB4L rules.  We all have ROLES to play in a community – including a school.
We outline the ROLES and our key expectations in a range of settings on our PB4L matrix.  This is displayed around the school in a variety of ways to remind us of our behaviour expectations.

R   Respect
O   Others
L   Learning
E   Environment
S   Self

Roles Tree