Week 5 Term 3 2015

Malo and welcome, Thank you to all our parents who attended Child Centered Conferences or CCCs last week. We had a very high turnout which indicates a great level of engagement within our school for learning. Many parents spoke about their child’s aspirations and how fantastic it was for our children to be able to have that emphasis. We would love to hear your feedback on CCCs. Was it helpful having your child’s data and the school’s expectation of where you child should be? Did the quality of learning conversation improve by extending the time to 15 minutes? Are you aware of your child’s goals and how they can reach them? Already I have received feedback that some parents would like to have a copy of the goals prior to CCC so they are better prepared for CCC, what do you think? I would very much love to hear your thoughts on our CCCs. Please email Miss Stuart stuartl@glenbrook.school.nz or send in.

This week we are holding two whanau consultation sessions. Our purpose is to find out from you as parents from the Glenbrook community what values and learning qualities are important to you for your children to have. The outcomes will form direction for our planning and culture of our school. For example, if you think is important that Glenbrook children are resilient, then as we are teaching, the activities we plan will give students the opportunities to be resilient, articulate how they were resilient and celebrate that they were resilient.

These values and learning qualities would be the characteristics we would build into our inquiry process. This afternoon, our teachers begin their journey in developing a Glenbrook School Model of Inquiry Learning. We are hoping to spend the next year developing, teaching, implementing and reviewing an Inquiry Model that can be used from Years 1- 8. A model that students, teachers and parents can articulate and participate in. Planning and sharing will begin with all staff as we are all collectively responsible for all our students and their learning. This will give teachers a place and time to share expertise, passion, ideas and skills. We expect our students to have a voice at the planning stage and you as parents to contribute if you have expertise in an area of learning, we want to investigate. With so many possible partners involved in our learning, we want to ensure we have given enough time for teachers to plan and build exceptional learning programmes. So keep an eye out in the newsletters, facebook and our website, as you could have the expertise or have an idea we are looking for!!

There are some very exciting times ahead of us as we explore and design an approach to learning where we are all partners, all learners and all participate in order to raise outcomes for Glenbrook students. When you are fortunate enough to belong to a community where values and learning are the cornerstone of the school, there is nothing we can’t achieve to Realise Our Potential together. Have a fantastic week everyone, I know I am!! Your Principal, Lysandra Stuart Note: Miss Stuart will be away next week as she is attending Snow Camp with the Senior Syndicate. Miss Shears will be Acting Principal.